Monday, October 18, 2010

Substance Abuse 411 #13-Oakland County Sixth Circuit Drug Court-Jacqueline Howes-Evanson


Substance Abuse 411 #13-Oakland County Sixth Circuit Drug Treatment Court-Jacqueline Howes-Evanson

Oakland County Michigan Sixth Circuit Court has taken a pro-active stance on substance abuse by establishing both a juvenile and adult Drug Court.

This court uses alternative judicial proceedings for chemically abusing or dependent, non-violent adult offenders.  Its juvenile program, Options, is a four-phase intervention program for repeat, non-violent offenders who are having difficulty staying clean and sober.

Substance Abuse 411 finds out more about this innovative program from Jacqueline Howes-Evanson the Drug Treatment Court Supervisor.

For more information on Adult Court go to

For more information on Juvenile Drug Treatment Court go to

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