Friday, December 3, 2010

Substance Abuse 411 #19-National Association for Children of Alcoholics-Sis Wenger


Substance Abuse 411 #19-National Association for Children of Alcoholics-Sis Wenger


Once again our discussion on Substance Abuse 411 is not about the substance abuser but their mostly overlooked victim, the children.

Substance Abuse 411 chats with Sis Wenger the President of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. She tells us just how deeply children of substance abusers are affected by a disease they themselves do not have and what, if any, programs are available to combat this problem.


Children’s program at Maplegrove-West Bloomfield, Michigan

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Oakland County 6th District Juvenile Drug Court-Pontiac, Michigan


  1. Thanks for sharing the files with us. Sis Wenger nailed it to the dot. My uncle was an alcoholic, although he made amends after achieving addiction recovery, his kids haven't totally forgotten their horrible experiences while their father was UI.

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