Sunday, December 12, 2010

Substance Abuse 411 #20-Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center-Grady Wilkinson


Substance Abuse 411-#20-Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center-Grady Wilkinson

Sacred HeartSacred Heart is a behavioral healthcare organization with a 40 year legacy of serving those with the greatest need and the fewest resources. Their passion for and commitment to charitable service of the highest quality mark them as unique and special.

Sacred Heart provides an extensive array of behavioral health services including substance use disorder prevention and treatment, mental illness treatment, HIV/AIDS prevention and care management. Their integrated continuum of substance use disorder treatment services feature a blend of professional therapeutic techniques with the principles of the 12-Step movement and include detoxification, residential and outpatient services. They also offer a full continuum of specialized services for women, including women who must bring children into treatment with them, including residential, outpatient, case management and transitional housing. Finally, Sacred Heart offers a variety of medication assisted treatment options for individuals addicted to opiate

On this Substance Abuse 411, we talk with President/CEO Grady Wilkinson about the start of the organization, where it is today and the substance abuse work it is doing in many communities.


Phone:   888-807-7472

Grace Centers of Hope-Pontiac, Michigan

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries-Detroit, Michigan

Mel Trotter Ministries-Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dawn Farm-Ann Arbor, Michigan

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