Saturday, March 31, 2012

Substance Abuse 411 #28-Criminal Justice Advocate-Josh Olds



Substance Abuse 411-#28-Josh Olds-Criminal Justice Advocate

Josh Olds is working to make a difference in his community of Madison, Indiana especially in the area of substance abuse.

Josh knows first hand the ramifications of substance abuse and how it also leads to many crimes that take place as he worked for over 4 years with Kentucky Probation and Parole.  It was there that he saw the need for more than what was being offered by the system to return these individuals to a productive life.

Josh is currently working on a Master's of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration while he also works for the local Salvation Army where he can be hands-on in helping individuals find the resources they need.

On this Substance Abuse 411, we talk to Josh about his journey and what lies ahead and how his one-man effort can be duplicated elsewhere.

You can contact Josh through the Salvation Army in Madison, Indiana if you have any questions.

Salvation Army-Madison, Indiana

In the Rooms

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