Friday, May 25, 2012

Substance Abuse 411-#35-Consumer Guide to Adolescent Drug Treatment-Dr. Kathleen Meyers-Parents Translational Research Center


Substance Abuse 411-#35-Dr. Kathleen Meyers-Parents Translational Research Center


When substance abuse hits a family the first questions are "What do I do and where do I go for help?"

Substance abuse treatment is not something the average American knows much, if any thing, about. It can be a bewildering maze to navigate and at a time when a family is under much emotional stress, especially if the substance abuse problem is with a son or daughter. The Parents Translational Research Center at the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia is working to solve this problem.

Currently they are working on a "Consumer Guide to Adolescent Drug Treatment" that will help parents to make well informed decisions on what resources will work best for them.

Dr. Kathy Meyers of the Parents Translational Research Center joins us on Substance Abuse 411 to talk about their research and why it can be of great importance in the treatment of substance abuse.


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