Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Substance Abuse 411-#37-Help for Teens Struggling with Drugs, Alcohol and Crime-Susan Richardson-Reclaiming Futures


   Substance Abuse 411-#37-Reclaiming Futures-Susan Richardson


Historically, anyone that was charged with a substance abuse offense, whether it be a first time possession or a series of violations of the law, that person was put in jail and held there until their sentence was up or they were paroled.

During that incarceration, no treatment of the substance abuse problem and providing new life skills were offered to the offender. This meant they came out of jail sober but with no skills to cope with their addiction. This often led to a vicious cycle of returning to jail after release.

Reclaiming Futures looks to end that cycle for young persons and provide a way to become productive, sober persons in society.

Substance Abuse 411 talks with Susan Richardson, National Executive Director of Reclaiming Futures, about the organization, what it does, it's successes and how they could help in your community.


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