Friday, July 13, 2012

Substance Abuse 411-#42-iPhone App to Aid Sobriety-Jodie Carter-Hazelden Publishing


Substance Abuse 411-#41-iPhone App to Aid Sobriety-Jodie Carter-Hazelden


Substance abuse sobriety is a lifetime battle. It's one that has highs and lows and those lows many times involve relapse. Hazelden,one of the leading organizations in both substance abuse recovery and sobriety, is adding a new tool to help win the battle of sobriety with an iPhone app.

The app is based on Hazelden's outstanding MORE (My ongoing recovery experience) Field Guide to Life.

Jodie Carter, Electronic Product Manager of Hazelden Publishing, talks to Substance Abuse 411 about the app, how it can help and that it is now available to everyone, not just those that have been through the Hazelden program.

Listen and learn on this latest edition of Substance Abuse 411.


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