Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Substance Abuse 411-#47—SBIRT-Dr. John Agley-Indiana Prevention Research Center


Substance Abuse 411-#47--SBIRT-Dr. John Agley-Indiana Prevention Research Center


jagleyThere's a "new" approach to substance abuse screening and intervention called SBIRT or Service,Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment. The beauty of SBIRT is that it is implemented at the grassroots level, your medical provider's office.

The SBIRT screening process is done verbally with a nurse or medical assistant. The patient is "pre-screened by asking 3 to 4 questions about drug/alcohol abuse that can point to a potential problem. If a problem is indicated, a full verbal screening then takes place.

According to the risk level, the nurse, medical assistant or doctor could have a small educational/motivational discussion with the patient.

This brief "intervention" has the potential to influence a person enough to decrease moderate risk behaviors.

Substance Abuse 411 learns more about the SBIRT program from Dr. John Agley, Evaluation Direction of the Indiana SBIRT Program under the auspices of the Indiana Prevention Research Center at Indiana University.


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