Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Substance Abuse 411-#54-Sober in the City-Debbie Strand

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Substance Abuse 411-#54-Sober in the City-Debbie Strand

From an almost fatal drug overdose to being sober for 8 years now, Debbie Strand understands first hand how substance abuse can take control of one's life and how one can also regain their life again through recovery. An outgrowth of Debbie's personal journey is a weekly two hour radio program called "Sober in the City."

Sober in the City, heard Sunday night from 9-11 PM Pacific time, shares the voices of those around the country telling their stories of addiction and recovery and letting people know their is a path out of the destructive life they lead.

Join us on this edition of Substance Abuse 411 to hear Debbie's own story and how "Sober in the City" is making an impact in so many lives by giving a central voice to those in need of hope.

Website:    www.SoberintheCity.com

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Substance Abuse 411-#53-People Advocating Recovery-Mike Barry

Substance Abuse 411-#53-People Advocating Recovery-Mike Barry


Imagine you are a well respected television news anchorman and you are at the top of your game. However, your life has been taken over by alcoholism and it sends you into a downward spiral that not only destroys your career but your life.

That is what happened to Mike Barry. However, he worked his way to sobriety and from that formed People Advocating Recovery, an advocacy group that is working to eliminate barriers to recovery from addiction.

Mike joins us on Substance Abuse 411 to talk about his life from his alcoholism to now being a leading advocate for those that have won the battle against any type of substance abuse and the changes in not only attitudes but laws he champions to help those in recovery.

Website:    www.PeopleAdvocatingRecovery.org

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