Sunday, January 20, 2013

Substance Abuse 411-#56-International Comedy Comedian-Mark Lundholm

Substance Abuse 411-#56-International Recovery Comedian-Mark Lundholm


Mark Lundholm knows of which he speaks when he does his comedy shows around the country about substance abuse.

In his journey, he has been a convicted felon, street addict, mental patient, divorced twice and much more. One day he decided he had two choices, suicide or get treatment.  He chose the second.

He started doing comedy in rehab clinics, treatment centers, jails and many places he had been been living during his drug filled years and realized not only was he funny but that he could make a living with his comedy.

Now Mark travels the country and the world sharing his take on life. He's appeared on Broadway and on television and currently has a television series under development. We slowed Mark down long enough to share his story with us on Substance Abuse 411.


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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Substance Abuse 411-#55-Creative Writing Programs as Therapy for Kids in Detention-Mercy Pilkington

Writers on the Inside-Edit

Substance Abuse 411 #55-Creative Writing Program as Therapy for Kids in Detention-Mercy Pilkington

Thousands of young persons are incarcerated across the United States for various reasons. Many are repeat offenders. Most suffer from dysfunctional homes, depression, low self esteem and of course substance abuse problems. The question is, how do we try and stop the cycle of youth in and out of the justice system?

Mercy Pilkington an English Instructor at the Coosa Valley Youth services which operates a transitional facility for juvenile offenders, is using a creative writing program. However this writing program has a twist.

Mercy not only has "students" write poetry, short stories or whatever they wish, but she posts them on a website She does this with the young person's permission.

What makes this sharing of these writings helpful is that most receive comments back of a very positive nature.  This helps build the self esteem of many and hopefully shows them that there are people out there that care about them.

Listen to this edition of Substance Abuse 411 as we chat with Mercy and learn about how this program is working to change lives.


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